Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

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It might be just me, but it always hits me the hardest that I’m in another country, seeing brand new things and exploring life when I happen to be in the shower. All showers being different of course are a visible reminder how far I’ve come. Each new Airbnb and hostel has a completely new bathroom. When I stand underneath the water of the shower, I can’t help but compare water pressure and heat. My shampoo and soap is the same but where I am is different. My life is different.

I am two weeks into my travels, and I’m realizing that I don’t want to wait for my goals anymore. I don’t want to sit back and watch things happen, occasionally making decisions that work for everybody. I don’t want to hope my dreams come true like a Damsel waiting for a Prince. I don’t want to be vague, I need to be decisive! In fact, I won’t wait anymore! I cannot twiddle my thumbs and say I will one day do something! I must do it! And if I must do it, then I must do it now.

When I look back on my life, my greatest fear has always been that I will give up my goals and settle for less. My Bachelors degree was a dream of mine. This trip was and is a dream of mine. This blog, even, is a dream of mine. I cannot throw these precious things away. To do so would be to throw myself away, to blend myself into the fabric of normality, and to forget what it means to light fires with my steps. I refuse to let go of my passion.

So when I step into the shower tonight, it will remind me of the adaptability of my current lifestyle. I will change in order to succeed. The shower will remind me of the discipline it took to get here. I will use it to persist in my goals. The water pressure and heat will remind me to reach for new impossibles. I will turn them into new possibilities.