London: Nightlife

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I’m a pretty young person. I like going out and seeing all the party people sometimes. When I was in China during my study abroad, we had local guides to help show us around and take us to popular bars. This trip, however doesn’t have guides. Lora and I are finding our own nightlife and pub places!

Take Galvanisers Union for example: a chill hipster pub near my Airbnb.

The vibe during the week is casual beer with dinner. Most people there, though, were relaxing with friends, chatting with the bartender, and playing board games or card games laying around. I had my first pint of Guinness in the Old World! A very satisfying drink to pair with nice conversation with friends after a very long day of travel.

Besides being a great place to hang out with friends, Galvanisers had a full menu of delicious food. Lora ate their Fish and Chips (non-veggie), while I ate their Hummus Burger (veggie). The food was amazing! In addition, the bartender will recommend beers that go well with the dish you order.

The place also has board games and card games laying about for people to play. I’d never thought about seeing these things in a bar, but it was great! I could play Connect Four or Uno with Lora while waiting for food if I wanted.

All this made Galvanisers Union great pub to visit is London! If you are interested in visiting Galvanisers, here’s their website.

Later during our visit in London, Lora and I went in search of Camden Market. We’d heard that this place was popular place to party and spend a night out for hipsters, punks, young people, and tourists. The market begins as soon as you emerge from the Tube station. Loads of shops on either side line the street, full of London trinkets. A huge line of punks and goths was lined up in front of a dance club called Electric Ballroom. At almost every corner was yet another traditional English pub packed with people. Lora and I made our way off the beaten trail to a bar called Lock 17.

This bar was perfect for us. We were able to find great beer, good food, and fun conversation. The bartenders were helpful. The people around us were from all over Europe. The bar has upstairs seating in addition to the main floor. Outside the bar is right next to Camden Lock Pier, so you have a view of the river.

By the time we left, all the shops had shut down or were in the process of closing. A few choice pubs and dance clubs stayed open later. For the most part, though, this area of London closed up shop by 9pm in the evening.

Lock 17 was a great place to stop during a night out on the town. If you want to visit, here’s a link to their website.

I had a lot of fun in London. These places, for sure, were wonderful for their beer variety and social vibes. I can’t wait to see what else the rest of England has in store for us!

(I take all my own photos. I do not earn money when you use these links.)