These are some photos from my trip that I haven’t used in my blog posts:

Lora wearing Judge robes at the city hall tour in Belfast, North Ireland (3/24/17)

Lora and I at the Cliffs of Moher (3/22/18)

My first (and last) Irish Coffee made with coffee and Jameson Whiskey (bleh!) (3/20/18)

A big Aggie Gig-Em from Ross Castle in Killarney, Ireland (3/19/18)

Lora and I at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Dublin, Ireland (3/17/18)

Conwy Castle and surrounding town (3/15/18)

Statue inside the Conwy Castle (3/15/18)

The Great Hall in the house at Cardiff Castle (3/13/18)

Lora and I on top of Cardiff Castle (3/13/18)

The best Greek food I have ever had in Stratford-Upon-Avon, England (3/11/18)

At the top of St. Mary’s Church overlooking the Radcliffe Camera in Oxford, England (3/10/18)

Stained glass panel at St. Mary’s Church in Oxford, England (3/9/18)

Bath Abbey behind me while visiting the Roman Baths in Bath, England (3/8/18)

Lora and I taking photos at Stonehenge, England (3/7/18)

Me trying on a dress and wig from the 1700s at the Fashion Museum in Bath, England (3/8/18)

Owner’s cat at our Airbnb in Salisbury, England (3/5/18)

Tofish and Chips (made from tofu) at the Old Ale and Coffee House in Salisbury, England (3/5/18)

I visited the Tower Bridge in London

I hiked across the Tower Bridge on my last day in London (3/4/18)

St. Paul’s Cathedral after sunset in London, England (3/3/18)

Lora and I hanging out with Charles Darwin at the Natural History Museum in London, England (3/3/18)

Lora and I grabbing a beer at Galvaniser’s Union on our first night in London (3/1/18)

Lora and I walking into Dallas/Fort Worth Airport (2/28/18)

Tacos from Velvet Taco in Fort Worth, Texas at the very beginning of my trip! (2/27/18)