I’ve spent the last 3 years telling people I’m going backpacking in Europe. Some have been positive, saying that’s awesome and I’m so jealous! Others have been negative or cautious, telling me it wasn’t possible. Well, here I am! Going abroad! And here’s why I needed to go: I’ve spent my life achieving things because I felt I had to. I got a degree from college and joined clubs to build my resume. I originally started working for the plant clinic as a…Continue Reading “Why am I Traveling for Months Across Europe?”

We fly out in less than a week! I’ve been practicing packing my packs and walking around in them. As I’ve been packing and repacking, I thought it might be a good idea to create an inventory before heading out. My clothing includes: Hiking boots Flats for nice outings Two pairs of jeans (one not pictured) 1 pair of Pajama pants 1 pair of thermal underwear 1 pair of jogging leggings 3 t-shirts (one not pictured) 1 long-sleeved shirt A blouse for nice outings 1…Continue Reading “The Gear I’m Taking with Me”

My new blog is up and running! A-WHOOP!!

I am so not a tech person. I really thought this would be super difficult to set up. It is thanks to other bloggers and the internet that I have been able to create this beautiful thing!

I am still a little ways out from leaving for my trip, but my life is full of prep work. I’ll post about the gear I’m bringing as soon as I have it all together.